Designer Showhouses

1..Sands point Designer showhouse  ,  1979 ..mansion of the  estate of  Railroad  baron Jay Gould,later  to become the Guggenheim estate…             built in 1912 this 50,000 sf   mansion is  the  embodiment of Gold coast  design………………………………… published in    several  magazines & news papers

2…Southampton showhouse … 1985.. benefiting  Southampton hospital, a classic  shingle style mansion held thed designer  showhouse 

3..Long Island  University , Old Brookville  , christmas  holiday  showhouse ..1993

4.. PLANTING FIELDS   ARBORETUM…a 65 room Tudor  revival mansion Coe Hall was completely renovated by a team of  interior designers….DESIGNER  SHOWHOUSE 1997 IN HISTORIC  HOME OF   THE RAILROAD BARON, willianm coe  and     daughter of  one of the   heirs of  standard oil.   LOCATE D ON 300 ACRES OF prime  GOLD COAST   OF LI.  IT was published in Newsday, and House  magazine..

5… Quogue showhouse  ..1997..14,000 sf  modern  waterfront  mansion published in HOUSE MAGAZINE ISSUE   1998

6….Beechwood manor  2000 , 12,000 sf estate of the  Prattt family  built in  1907 . published in HOUSE MAGAZINE ISSUE  2001

7…..Chelsea manor ,  east Norwich,ny .  2002 Holidays showhouse . the    mansion was  built in  1924  by Bnejamin Moore. And is  classic  style of  the gold  coast, a blend of French and English  concepts.

8…..Chelsea Manor ,east Norwich.  The 40 room  mansion   held  a  designer  showhouse  in 2002

9……Nissequgue  designer showhouse .2008  revival of   11,000  sf   home on the  north shore of LONG island. It was published in HOUSE maagazine

10.…Southampton designer showhouse  2012. A new constructcion  12,000 sf   mansion was   renovated by  a team of  illustrious designers..benefiting  he Southampton  Hospital. IT was  published in Traditional Home  magazine